You Will Have A Healthier Home – Many people believe steam cleaning your rugs is the best way to get results, but we know better. Steam cleaning requires you to soak your rugs before sucking the water back out along with the dirt. Using this amount of water can cause build-ups of mould and bacteria not long after cleaning. This is why we ensure we keep your rugs as dry as possible through the cleansing process. Which means your rugs stay healthy for longer.

Rug Cleaning

Your Rug Will Look And Feel New For Longer – If we were to just clean the surface of your rug, the dirt that is deep down would quickly build back up.

Our specialist will carefully inspect your rug, asses its condition, check for lingering odours and then meticulously begin processing with state-of-the art equipment.

Long Lasting

This is why we don’t just clean the surface of your rugs; we penetrate the dirt deep down to ensure that your rugs will stay clean for a longer length of time.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a stained or damaged rug, our specialist will endeavour to refurbish it after consulting with you.

Key Cutting

Currently at most of our outlets we handle both Yale style key and Mortice key cutting of most types.

Your keys will be cut whilst you wait, or you can drop off and return after your shopping.

Call ahead to check if your nearest store has the facility.

Please keep checking in as we will be looking to grow our range of keys for cutting.


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